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Innovative presentation technology

3rd dimension of space in a fully interactive way

What exactly are the continuous virtual walks we do? How they differ from the usual virtual walks?


Continuous virtual walks take place throughout the space and allow for a full experience while standard virtual walks allow only a jump from point to point of view.


Our virtual walks literally add a 3rd dimension to the space and make it vibrant.

While others offer virtual walks that are essentially just stitched panoramic photos, we are the only ones to offer the ability to navigate the entire space and in addition 360 ° panoramic photos taken in high resolution.


There are also high-resolution photos and videos that can be used for promotional purposes, as well as highlighting all the important points of your choice with the content You want to emphasize.


Since our clients deserve only the best, we make it possible for them.

We create and edit virtual walks using advanced Matterport technology and Apple devices, in addition to which we have many years of photographic and camera experience.


Our virtual walks can be set up on any website and are compatible for use on all computers, mobile and tablet devices.


Standard virtual walk - 1 point stand

Continuous virtual walk with a complete space experience

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