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The future of presenting your property is here.

Our task is to enable the display of 3D models as the primary medium for the full experience of Your premises.


This gives us the freedom to experience any space in a completely faithful and accurate digital version anytime and from anywhere with complete freedom to move in space and view all the details You want to highlight.

For whom?
For anyone involved in real estate.

Every space deserves the best promotion: a precise and detailed 3D model of the space.

Building Plans

Architects and Real Estate Developers

The best way to present space to clients

Providing a quick complete insight into the interior space with all the associated details.

An interior that reflects functionality and aesthetics brings added value and expresses integrity as a foundation.

What do we offer?

New standard for the presentation of real estate for rent and sale, public buildings, business premises and facilities for tourism and catering.

The 3D virtual twin of your space allows you to experience and adventure the space before a physical visit.

In cooperation with You, we equip it with textual, image, audio and video information.

Once the virtual walk is over and the client can use it on their website, social networks and through Google services. There while searching the user has the opportunity to take a virtual walk, see architectural plans and view high quality photos that will further arouse interest to choose Your offer.

Of course, if necessary, we will be happy to make your presentation website as well.

Hallway Arch

3D Virtual Walks

Dynamics of space

Take a virtual walk to evoke the uniqueness and fullness of the atmosphere of Your interior. The walk can start anywhere in the space and each point we are interested in can contain additional information, a picture or a video. The choice of all additional information is up to You. The virtual walks we do for you can be converted to all popular formats. The advantage of your business is to provide an overview of Your facility to users who use virtual reality technology.

Depending on the geographical area where you are located in Croatia, please contact us directly at the following numbers.

All contacts are available for calls related to digitization of  real estate abroad.

4DFUTURE, obrt za mapiranje prostora, vl. Kristina Šober Vetma
Pomerio 20, HR-51000 Rijeka
Hrvatska / Croatia

Rijeka: Kristina +385 (0)98 974 6424 / Vjeko +385 (0)91 2191 317

Dalmacija: Ivica +385 (0)97 611 4192

Thanks for submitting!

Hand Holding a Plant

Investing in Yourself and Your own capacities is the best investment.

3d Virtual Spaces by 4DFuture

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